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In The Land of Promises: An Interview with Youqine Lefèvre

Youqine Lefèvre is a photographer living and working in Belgium. Following her self-published book Far From Home, Lefèvre has been focused on themes like family and community life, and recently completed a new book dummy: The Land of Promises traces both her personal family history, and the impact of the One Child Policy in The […]

Yukari Chikura – Zaido

Zaido is a book that is best sat with and read multiple times over a few days. I write “read” because Chikura’s book seems to engage with storytelling and myth methodologically as much as it does with its images themselves. The first thing a reader will see upon opening Zaido is a short pamphlet detailing […]

Charles Fox – Buried កប់

N.B. I first saw this work when I met Charles Fox at Nottingham Trent University in 2017, where we were both employed. I have since worked with him in a professional capacity on several projects, including with the publisher of this book. Though my appreciation of Buried can’t be separated from seeing it develop in […]

Sayako Sugawara – (Copy) 80. The Schwarze Mönch

No line of sight, no clear view of the land before. Or perhaps it is the open sea. That pattern — sunlight reflecting off rippling water. Or, nothing. Only grain, blurring slightly into a distance-like fuzz. Trying to find a landmark or signal. A vista muddied by analog smog, like the final playthrough of a […]

On Postcards & Palm Trees with Bruno Roels

Recently, the artist Bruno Roels has been making short runs of postcards, tear-off flyers and silkscreens, and sending them out to people on Instagram. Known for his framed grids of tea-toned darkroom prints of palm trees, he exhibits with galleries and fairs worldwide. Though playful in form, Roels’ interest in these trees is a serious […]

On Becoming An Angel: Dan Commons

Nature is more raw out in the provincial areas. The desolate and the blooming sit aside one another. Coiling vines and sprawling undergrowth, windswept and seldom-travelled rivers and lightning-cracked trees all impose a stricken grandeur. Out here, angels in old graveyards wear in gusts while livestock are born. At least in Britain, the church is […]

Chan Wai Kwong 陳偉江 – Oh My Little Girl x 愛愛愛愛那麼多

N.B. This article contains images not safe for work. Many photographers idolise or idealise their partners in reference to historic painting — intentionally or not, they pose them according to certain representational standards. Others photograph them like pin-up nudes, telling the world that this is their life. Araki Nobuyoshi’s earlier work, for example, is often […]

Aleix Plademunt – Iberia

For humans, politics and history permeate every place we are in. Although it’s often impossible to actually see that history within a given location, our awareness of it is always there, hanging about us like air.  But on Iberia’s forest floor there are only trees. A flashgun lights the way like a torch. Through the […]