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MATCAxC4 #10: On Historical Representations of Nature and their Significance to us Now

Every single creature in Richard and Cherry Keartons’ photographic archive is dead. Many of their kind living today are vulnerable, if not endangered. Oft-credited as the original nature photographers, their photographs are windows onto another time, where some of these species lived and prospered, images of what has passed. Such work may show history as […]

Enrique Fraga – Terminal

All of the blank pages are black. I turn to a new spread – the left-hand page shows a dimly-lit hotel corridor, the ceiling spotlights all disappearing off towards the image’s horizon. I am reading the book indoors, in a room with lights similar to those on the page, and, against the shiny, jet-black ink […]

Vitaly Severov – Summer Shore

Severov grew up on the top floor of a building that overlooked the White Sea coastal area in Letniy Bereg — in English, the “Summer Shore”. As the sun moved from east to west, he writes, it would illuminate and then extinguish the shore that he could see from his window. Through this cycle, he […]

Kenta Cobayashi’s Everything 2

Professional photographers are typically trained to hide the mutability of digital images, covering up their handiwork to make their subjects look perfect, moreso than reality itself. Cobayashi toys with this mutability. Swirled up buildings, highways and hair all come together in an ecstatic mix of street fashion-shoot, slice-of-life and cityscape. You can trace the flight […]