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Vitaly Severov – Summer Shore

Severov grew up on the top floor of a building that overlooked the White Sea coastal area in Letniy Bereg — in English, the “Summer Shore”. As the sun moved from east to west, he writes, it would illuminate and then extinguish the shore that he could see from his window. Through this cycle, he […]

Maria Ahmed — Heaven Speed The Chameleon

Often, the kind of visual chaos work like this employs can be difficult to grasp initially. It can be hard to comfortably know what it’s doing at a glance. Such opaque work can be said to feel a certain way, but this is often based in intuition; it feels indescribable, and so nothing can be […]

In The Land of Promises: An Interview with Youqine Lefèvre

Youqine Lefèvre is a photographer living and working in Belgium. Following her self-published book Far From Home, Lefèvre has been focused on themes like family and community life, and recently completed a new book dummy: The Land of Promises traces both her personal family history, and the impact of the One Child Policy in The […]

Yukari Chikura – Zaido

Zaido is a book that is best sat with and read multiple times over a few days. I write “read” because Chikura’s book seems to engage with storytelling and myth methodologically as much as it does with its images themselves. The first thing a reader will see upon opening Zaido is a short pamphlet detailing […]

Charles Fox – Buried កប់

N.B. I first saw this work when I met Charles Fox at Nottingham Trent University in 2017, where we were both employed. I have since worked with him in a professional capacity on several projects, including with the publisher of this book. Though my appreciation of Buried can’t be separated from seeing it develop in […]

Sayako Sugawara – (Copy) 80. The Schwarze Mönch

No line of sight, no clear view of the land before. Or perhaps it is the open sea. That pattern — sunlight reflecting off rippling water. Or, nothing. Only grain, blurring slightly into a distance-like fuzz. Trying to find a landmark or signal. A vista muddied by analog smog, like the final playthrough of a […]