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Michel Mazzoni – Rien, Presque

Rien, Presque is the latest limited edition artist book by French, Brussels-based artist, Michel Mazzoni. Translating into English as ‘Nothing, Almost’, Rien, Presque is a dense, non-narrative assemblage of surfaces and ‘accidental’ compositions. Thick and glue bound, it functions as a collection of artefacts made from the traces left behind in the overlooked cycles of […]

Jonas Feige – This Soil We Have Created For Ourselves

This soil we have created for ourselves is the second photobook published by German photographer, Jonas Feige and his first solo venture. Zenker, also published in 2021, was made in collaboration with fellow photographer Yena Wernicke and visits present-day Cameroon to retrace the familial legacy of the German botanist and gardener August Zenker. While Zenker […]

Laws of the Haystack – an Interview with Emile Gostelie

Emile Gostelie is an artistic researcher working with photography, and a recent graduate of the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. His project, Laws of the Haystack, was selected for Carte Blanche at Paris Photo 2021, exhibited at Photo Tallinn 2021, and subsequently released as a self-published book. Lucy Rogers spoke to him earlier this year. Lucy Rogers: […]

Melanie Friend – The Plain

A vast area of rural flat land, Salisbury plain feels oddly familiar. At first glance, it is like any other agricultural landscape. Sheep and cows wander the large empty plateau, completing an idyllic scene tainted only by tyre marks or the outline of a tower on the distant horizon. It is these remains, otherwise overlooked […]