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On Gunge: Recent zines by Sam Hutchinson

The Leeds-based artist Sam Hutchinson released the zine Marx’s CCTV Grave through his Big Cartel in July of 2020, describing it as “40 pages of experiments, unused works, uncomfortable images and screenshots”. Befitting his practice, which incorporates photography, sculpture and installation to recycle the “visual pollution” we absorb daily under capitalism, the publication features a […]

Moyra Davey & Peter Hujar – The Shabbiness of Beauty

Late last year on C4 Journal I wrote about my appreciation of Salters Cottages (Dashwood, 2019), a book by Gary Schneider that disassembles a short film, shot on holiday with a group of friends on Long Island in 1981, into a sequence of still images, channelling Genet’s Un Chant d’Amour but redolent of Marker’s La […]

Noni Stacey – Photography of Protest and Community

Photography of Protest and Community brings together archival material with writing and interviews produced by Noni Stacey across almost ten years of Masters and PhD research into the radical and non-hierarchical photography collectives operating in London in the 1970s: The Half Moon Photography Workshop, Exit Photography Group, the Hackney Flashers, North Paddington Community Darkroom and […]

Random Shocks in a World of Mirrors: Reflections on Chris Marker’s Petite Planète

Traveller, time-traveller, image-scavenger, laser gun-slinger; Chris Marker’s various epithets suggest a man moving fugitively across and between landscapes, formats, eras and identities. His primary stylistic form has been the essay in its most Montaignian sense, an itinerant, meandering, and deeply personal journey.  In the introduction to his remarkable 1962 photobook Coréennes, Marker observes that there […]