Noni Stacey – Photography of Protest and Community

Photography of Protest and Community brings together archival…

Mao Ishikawa 石川真生 – Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa 赤花、沖縄の女

Published in 2017, Red Flower 赤花 consists of photographs shot between 1975 and 1977 in Kin and Koza, two towns in Okinawa, Japan. Though most of the images are from Ishikawa’s 1982 debut “Hot Days in Camp Hansen”, Red Flower also shows unpublished images from this same period.

Erin O’Toole – Thought Pieces: 1970s Photographs by Lew Thomas, Donna-Lee Phillips, and Hal Fischer

Thought Pieces – the catalogue to a 2020 exhibition held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – is a retrospective look at the work produced by Thomas and two of his young collaborators, Donna-Lee Phillips, and Hal Fischer.