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49/23 – An Interview with Gregory Eddi Jones

Paula Gortázar speaks with Gregory Eddi Jones about his recent project 49/23, a digital collage series that blends AI-generated images over pages from 1949 issues of Popular Photography Magazine, building a conceptual bridge between photography’s past and future while exploring the disruptions posed by AI toward photographic tradition. Gregory Eddi Jones (b. 1986, Syracuse, NY) […]

Arturo Soto – A Certain Logic of Expectations

In evolutionary terms, expectations function as a survival mechanism. To expect is to anticipate the probability of certain future events, to remain alert, ready to confront a deviation from such probability. Since they are often deeply grounded in the collective imaginary, some expectations tend to cause considerable levels of anxiety; a fear of failure, of […]

Michelle Dizon and Việt Lê – White Gaze

White Gaze is a multi-layered exercise of resistance against a white construction of global visual identities. In its attempt to untangle decades of racist representations published by National Geographic, the book invites us to engage with the photographs by altering the original parameters that were put in place to determine an ideological reading of its […]

Daniel Stier – A Tale of One City

Daniel Stier’s new self-published book, A Tale of One City, offers a singular portrait of twenty-first century London. For those unfamiliar with its architecture and urban life, however, it might take them a while to situate the work. Most photographs seem to be shot under bright sunlight; a weather phenomenon rather unusual in the British […]

Ilja Niederkirchner – Greek Dog Days

If it were not for the title, one might think that Greek Dog Days reveals either the aftermath of a war or the film-stills of a dystopian movie. The photographs seem to be shot mostly at dusk, on 35mm, high-sensitivity, black and white film. With a blue cardboard cover, the A5 publication is printed on […]

Juan Orrantia – Like Stains of Red Dirt

Juan Orrantia’s delicately edited photo-book, Like Stains of Red Dirt, presents a visual mystery filled with poetic clues. In the absence  of an introductory text, the viewer is only guided by its evocative title, encouraged to make sense of the scenes through the few, carefully selected elements in each frame. While some photographs seem clearly […]