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Enigma Variations: Mircea Teleagă

Where are we? In a derelict, overlooked corner within a tarnished and uncertain land. A cryptic entropia perhaps condemned, perhaps forgotten. We might be in the Zona of Tarkovsky’s Stalker, or the opening 20 seconds of Joy Division’s Atmosphere, or even Stan Brakhage’s artist film epic, the circling and looping Dog Star Man. But this […]

Toward a First Decade: Interview with Lewis Bush

Lewis Bush is a British photographer and researcher whose practice explores the nature of contemporary power. His recent works include Metropole, an examination of the iniquity of property development in London, and Shadows of the State, which involved locating covert radio stations used by intelligence agencies to communicate with their agents.  Bush’s books have been […]

An interview with Magali Avezou

A book can be very simple, sometimes only three pages. There’s a book by Stefano Graziani called Salto Grande Estasi in which we follow, page after page, a man launching himself on a big ski-jump. It’s between a short film and a rebus, just very funny. Magali Avezou began archipelago in 2015, with an exhibition […]