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Marie Smith – The Fog Has Lifted

The vocabulary of mental health is not recent by any means, and yet it feels as if only in the past decade has its language started to fall into place. Still a controversial topic in both formal and casual contexts, the open language of short- and long-term feelings and states of mind is fertile ground […]

Florine Thiebaud – Breaking Point

The cover of Florine Thiebaud’s first book, Breaking Point, announces an idyllic Mediterranean village – the deep blue sea surrounds the colourful little houses on the coast; above them, on top of the hill, lies a fortress with the Greek flag fluttering in the wind. But this image, a mural on a wall, is a […]

Gregory Eddi Jones – Promise Land

It’s April when I start thinking and already mid-April when I start writing about Gregory Eddi Jones’ Promise Land. The book starts with a quote from T. S.  Eliot’s poem The Waste Land, published one hundred years ago, after both WWI and the Spanish Flu had ravaged the world. From the perspective of today, in […]

Gabby Laurent – Falling

Gravity acts equally on all masses – wherever one is on Earth, they are being pulled down towards the core of the world at all times. In one way, we are always falling. But not all falling is the same. Gabby Laurent’s images of falling comprise a spectrum of descent. From tragic to comic, from […]

Anton Roland Laub – Last Christmas (of Ceaușescu)

The latest book from Berlin-based Romanian artist Anton Roland Laub, Last Christmas (of Ceaușescu), reactivates recent history and its slippery truths to point at the biggest question mark of the 1989 Romanian Revolution – who does the Revolution belong to? The premise of the publication is a triangular lack: of solid historical research, of assigned […]

Ilias Georgiadis – Vialattea

Before delving into Ilias Georgiadis’ journeys throughout the world and within himself, one picks up the stitched case, thin, black and squared like a vinyl record sleeve, with a pale blue title sheet on the front and a section of a contact sheet on the back. Both are partially attached to the textured paper, casually […]