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Maija Tammi – Hulda/Lilli

By chance, I started with Hulda. The chameleon. A predator. The first time I see her she is in thick foliage, her face partially covered but her body bright green, flecked with blue and orange and shown in all her brilliant scaly detail. This is Hulda, the opening text reads. Hello Hulda, I think. And, […]

Izabela Jurcewicz – Body as a Negative: Sensations of Return

When she was nineteen, Izabela Jurcewicz was admitted to hospital after several weeks of debilitating pain. Tests revealed an inter-organ tumour in her abdomen, and the complex surgery required to remove it took over nine hours. Jurcewicz remained in hospital for over a month. Years later, the impact of such necessary but invasive treatment is […]

Liz Orton – Every Body is an Archive

In contemporary medicine it is hard to overstate the extent to which imaging tools lead in a patient’s diagnosis. Often, it is the machine (the x-ray, the MRI, the CT and PET scan), not the doctor, that interprets the body. Such radiographic machinery may not ‘see’ in a human sense, but the data that they […]