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Closed Vitrines and Open Histories: Photography, Archaeology and Museum Practices

A Conversation with Giulia Parlato and Giovanna Petrocchiby Camille Relet and Laura Bivolaru Giulia Parlato and Giovanna Petrocchi are two visual artists who explore historical narratives, museal practice, and material culture. Parlato starts from the idea of the photograph as a truthful document and borrows from the aesthetic of crime scene imagery and archeological discoveries […]

MATCAxC4 #12: Round-up: Reflections from both sides

Following British Council Vietnam’s Digital Arts Showcasing grant in November 2021, two independent platforms Matca (Vietnam) and C4 Journal (the UK) kickstarted a series of 12 articles on photography, available on both websites in English and Vietnamese. The premise was simple: to catch up with movements in respective countries through work features, interviews with practitioners, […]

An Interview with Matt Dunne

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Matt Dunne has been involved in photography for 11 years — first as a self-taught photographer, then as a writer –including here at C4 Journal– and, more recently, as a publisher. His first book, The Killing Sink, has just been published by Void; in 2021, he founded Tall Poppy Press, an […]

MATCAxC4 #9: Looking in, Looking out: four emerging female image-makers from Vietnam

Matca x C4 Journal: Conversations Around Photography, Vietnam & UK is a series of 12 articles discussing various aspects of image-making supported by British Council Vietnam’s Digital Arts Showcasing grant 2021. [Bấm vào đây để đọc bài tiếng Việt] While discussion about gender should not overshadow artistic merit, it is worth noting the longstanding gender imbalance […]

Two books from Smog Press

Founded in 2021 by Adam Ianniello & Taylor Galloway, newcomer Smog Press is a Los Angeles-based independent art book publisher. They were kind enough to send us their first two titles: Brian McSwain’s Memorare, and 37.2431° N, 115.7930° W, a collaboration between Ianniello and Galloway. Lucy Rogers and Eugenie Shinkle each chose one to write on. Adam Ianniello […]

MATCAxC4 JOURNAL#7: Breaking Socio-economic Barriers into Photography

It was three years ago that arts organisation Create London published a landmark report on inequalities within the British cultural workforce entitled Panic! Social Class, Taste And Inequalities In The Creative Industries. The investigation’s findings exposed the harsh realities faced by creatives who come from minority backgrounds. It revealed that as little as four per […]

Kikuji Kawada – Chizu (Maquette Edition)

Some images become so iconic that it can be difficult to recover their original legibility, obscured by layers of interpretation and a burden of accolades that transmute its meaning into the stuff of legend. Kawada Kikuji’s photobook The Map has been treated for some time with the kind of reverence that borders on orthodoxy, with […]