In early 2020, Brian Arnold was contacted by Chenchu Fang of Jiazazhi Books in China to help with research on an exhibition about Southeast Asian photography books. As part of the exhibition, Brian was interviewed about his work in Indonesia.

Jiazazhi Press/Library is a photobook platform based in China, devoted to exploring the possibilities of photo work presentation on paper. Their practices include magazine, publishing project, magazine, book shop, library, pseudo museum, book fair/exhibition. They started at Beijing since 2009, and moved to Ningbo in 2014.

Brian Arnold is a photographer and writer based in Ithaca, NY, where he works as an Indonesian language translator for the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell University. Brian has published books on alternative photographic processes, and on contemporary Javanese photography. He has taught photography at institutions around the world, and his photographs are held in collections around the USA.

Brian Arnold